Year of the Tiger Porcelain Necklace by Stephanie Shih


In Chinese mythology, the tiger is a protector, a symbol of courage and determination. Consider these miniature tigers your protectors—especially for people born in the year of the tiger, for whom 2022 may bring new challenges.

The necklace was designed by W.O.W. 5th gen. owner, Mei Lum with a silk knotted cord, a suzhou jade bead, and hand-painted porcelain tigers by artist Stephanie H. Shih. In keeping with her practice of replicating ubiquitous consumer goods objects in ceramic, Stephanie based her tigers on the leaping logo of the Singaporean pain-relief rub Tiger Balm. 

About Stephanie H. Shih Stephanie H. Shih's painted ceramic sculptures explore what happens to cultural identity as it migrates with a diaspora. Her replicas of everyday objects reflect the material traces of imperialism, displacement, immigration, and cultural interchange within the domestic lives of immigrants and their children. She was born in the year of the tiger.
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