Abundant Love Bundle


This Valentine's Day Bundle is an ode to spring, fresh blooming flowers paired with artisanal Korean rice wine for you and a loved one to take a moment of pause and joyfully share in an abundant love for ourselves and our community.

The bundle includes a bottle of Hyunmi Takju from Hana Makegoli and our Gourd Wine Set designed by Tomie Arai.

Please note that the bundle does not come with the bouquet from Saffron BK. 

ABOUT Hana Makgeolli: Hana Makgeolli, is a small artisanal Korean Rice wine brewery based in Greenpoint making traditional styles of sool. TAKJU 16, Hana Makgeolli’s three-stage brew made with organic rice and traditional Korean brewing methodologies. Near dry, 16% ABV, with notes of melon, green apple, and natural lactic acidity.