Holiday Care Packages

W.O.W. has curated five fun Chinatown themed care packages to send love and care to our friends and fam during this socially distanced holiday season. We have five different themes to choose from:

Chinatown Beauty - boasts all of our most elegant pieces inspired by Chinatown’s iconic beauty salons on Pell St. The collection includes a bone bracelet, four seasons porcelain dish, a handpainted snuff bottle, a cinnabar box for keepsakes, gold enamel earrings, assorted bars of scented soap and a zine by Fay Qiu printed by Little Mountain Press telling the story of Baishi beauty salon that recently shuttered on Doyers St.

In Dark there is Bright - our gold fu dogs and black peony ginger jar radiate and illuminate protection and rebirth in a time of transition. This set of black and gold porcelain will light up your home complimenting each other in its contrasting color scheme it includes: a black peony ginger jar and square tea jar, a pair of gold fu dogs, and a vintage eggshell cup and saucer.

Blissfully Blue and White - drawing from the classic mystical cloud and abundant bat pattern, this blissfully blue and white collection of porcelain ware exudes heavenly energy for your home. From a cloud mug for your morning coffee, to a traditional gold rice patterned dessert plate, a bat patterned teacup, a blue and white bonzai ginger jar and a traditional bird pattern pencil & brush holder, this set is a perfect porcelain starter kit to brighten up a loved one’s home in a minimalist yet traditional fashion.

Have you eaten yet? - the perfect package for sharing food with family, W.O.W. fam have included some of their most favorite vibrant patterns to dress up your dinner table this holiday season. Enjoy your thanksgiving spread on a 16” cabbage oval platter, a 10” double dragon dinner plate, coral dragon spoon, melon rice bowl, and a yellow flower soy dish for all of your saucy needs.

A Touch of Heart - evoking classic Chinatown restaurant vibes, this fun collection of porcelain ware brings a little bit of Sunday dim sum, 點心 (meaning a touch of heart) culture to your home. The set includes: a longevity patterned teapot, two bird blossom teacups, a turquoise melon soy dish, 萬壽無疆 rice bowl and a gold rice toothpick holder :).