Zou Mat Je Zine About the Cantonese Diaspora

Zou Mat Je explores what it means to be part of the Cantonese diaspora, to be connected to and part of many cultures around the world. It hopes to broach complex negotiations with colonialism, imperialism, and cosmopolitanism, in a way that allows for both critical reflection and healing.

Featured Contributors: Miriam Wei Wei Lo, Emily Ng, Helen Yeung, Kaitlin Chan, Glary Wu, Sarah Yeung (楊静雯), Katherine Chang, Claudia Yang (楊彥藍), Wandy Cheng (鄭婉婷), Stephanie Yu, paperbridgeee, A. Yang, Grace Chan, Karen Ng (吳心怡), Celine Dam, Jasmine Lo, Chino, 5AM, Grace Wong, and Jacqueline Leung.

Zou Mat Je is a project formed by settlers on stolen Whadjuk Noongar land. We pay our respects to elders past and present, and extend solidarity and friendship and hope for a future where all are afforded justice, dignity, and peace. Always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

Zou Mat Je 係成立係 Bibbulmum 族Whadjuk Noongar人民嘅土地上。我地向佢地以前、而家同將來嘅長老,同埋所有原族住民致敬。我地確認佢地從來都冇放棄過主權,所以呢道一直都係,同永遠都會係 Aboriginal 嘅土地。
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