Dae x WOW Full Harvest Moon Package


Wing on Wo and Dae are celebrating legacy, tradition, and growth with this Mid-Autumn collaboration. With over 200 years of combined craftsmanship, the collaboration centers on the theme of legacy exploring the question: how can we honor the work of past generations and lay a foundation for the future? How can we make our daily rituals sacred? Wing on Wo and Dae invite you to enjoy a cup of high mountain tea served in one of Dao Jin’s beautiful wave tumblers while staring up at the full harvest moon.

Dao Jin Package: Includes 1 Daojin wave tumbler, 4 jinxuan oolong teabags + 4 rose black tea teabags 

Tea Sampler Package: 2 jinxuan oolong teabags + 2 rose black tea teabags

About DAE 

Dae is a lifestyle tea brand that stems from a five-generation long legacy of cultivating high mountain Taiwanese tea. Better known in Taiwan as Hwa Gung Tea, the foundation of the family business can be traced back to 1918 during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. To build upon this legacy and preserve family traditions, fifth generation brothers Ben and Thomas are introducing high mountain Taiwanese tea in New York under the Dae brand. Dae is a vessel to share their family story one cup at a time. Each brew recalls the craftsmanship of a century-refined process, a practice that symbolizes personal growth at each stage of life.

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