Take Care (Issue 11) Zine by FORTUNE / Many Folds Press

ISSUE 11: TAKE CARE— How are you managing? What is the theory and the praxis of your day, and how do you balance your needs with what’s asked of you? What are the structures of anti/productivity that move you along; and how do they hold you, somatically and socially? How do you engage in practices of health, in systems of healthcare, in multiple economies of bodily and psychic worth? How do you receive love, today? Can you shift from verb to noun, from action to preposition? What lets you be still? How are you, still? Would you write in your language of care? 

FORTUNE formed as a Philadelphia-based publication project conceived by Andrienne Palchick, Heidi Ratanavanich, and Connie Yu; and assembled by and for queer Asian publics. 

Product Photo by Liz Barr.

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