Oranges for Good Luck by Som Liengtiraphan

Oranges for Good Luck is a zine containing a personal story of how Som's family celebrated Chinese New Year in Thailand. It provides a personal lens into the festival and offered readers a window into the wide world and variations of Chinese New Year celebrations. The autoethnography series was segmented to reflect the official Chinese New Year celebration days we have in Thailand. Each section tells the story of what happened during that phase of the celebration.

Som Liengtiraphan is a designer and illustrator from Bangkok, currently in NYC. Her name means orange in Thai, both the fruit and the color. Som strives to design thoughtful experiences that inspire and delight my users and create illustrations that tell human stories. When Som's not designing or drawing, you can find her in the studio working on my pointe work, listening to 99% Invisible, or playing lots of video games.