Rabbit Zodiac Snuff Bottle by Catalina Cheng

Catalina's zodiac series of snuff bottles was a great exercise in calligraphy, making them feel closer to their culture in a tactile way. Their intention when crafting the bottles was to create something sentimental for someone with a connection to each of these animals. Catalina hopes that whoever gets each bottle is getting a gift for themselves and/or for someone they love.

Catalina Cheng is a queer multidisciplinary fine artist born and raised in Tampa, Florida. They are proud to be first-generation Colombian and Chinese American and aim to create art that captures the dichotomy and duality of these parts of themselves. Collectively, their works act as a record of the emotions they experience, the strongest being love. They are a romantic, and they hold the value that they can create objects that have an extraordinary effect on themself and others. They aim to make people laugh and incite the same joy that they experience while creating.