small hearts - zine of care & consideration(s) by Jasmine Mao

Created in December of 2020, small hearts - zine of care & consideration(s) is an exaltation of and an apology to my mother–artisan, adventurist, agriculturalist—intertwined with the boundless knowledge of a constellation of Black women artists, poets, writers, thinkers, scholars, dreamers. Together, they have continuously made & transformed me. In between collaged pages awaits a series of questions concerning care, abolition, struggle, transformation, love, queerness, and liberation. A meditation on the stuff of beinghood, small hearts is a space for infinite consideration and a call to care deeply and abundantly.

Jasmine Mao (she/they) is a first-generation Chinese american queer maker of a profusion of things–space, home, love, otherwise possibility (Ashon Crawley), and sometimes, collage. Shadowing their life, each of Jasmine’s collage works coalesce and emerge as transitory portraits of their most intricate questions, (mis)understandings, and yearnings. Consider: expressions which surface at a moment in time along an infinite struggle of love as practice, imagination as freedom, and relational being as everything that will ever matter. Raised in Virginia, Jasmine now resides on unceded Osage land in so-called Pittsburgh, PA. 

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