Sweet Togetherness Bundle

The Sweet Togetherness Bundle includes everything you’ll need to open the year of the tiger with sweet abundance. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Zoey Gong, has put together medicinal recipes to create a delicious spread of tri-color mochi balls and sweet adzuki beans using spices from single-origin spice company, DIASPORA Co. and traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients from her brand, Five Seasons TCM all to be plated on our beautifully hand carved togetherness tray designed by Brooklyn-based ceramicist, Tiffany Saw. 

The bundle includes a recipe card, 3 spices — Nagauri Cumin, Makhir Ginger, Pragati Turmeric — from Diaspora Co., Five Seasons TCM’s goji berry and osmanthus tea, and a Togetherness Tray designed by Tiffany Saw.