W.O.W. Care Packages

W.O.W. has curated unique care packages to send love and care to our friends and fam during this moment of isolation. We have four different themes to choose from:

Stay Home Yum Cha boasts our most floral and vibrant porcelain ware for sweets and tea at home to treat ourselves and those we’re in quarantine with. This care package includes: a black flower rice wine dispenser, 6“ floral and blue and white dessert plate, yellow 万寿无疆 soup soon, gold dragon soy dish, and two red 万寿无疆 wine cups.

Simply Blue and White includes our most classic blue and white porcelain pieces: a mini sakura flower ginger jar, a 4.5” lotus rice bowl, 6” rice pattern dessert plate, dragon jewelry box, 2 longevity wine cups and our year of the rat handkerchief design by artist, Charlotte Mei.

A Moment of Zen encourages us to ground ourselves in small acts of self-care. This care package includes: a porcelain incense holder, a pack of incense, two brush wave teacups, a matte black tea jar, a wooden prayer bracelet, a small ceramic buddha, and artist, Jia Sung’s dreamy zine: Drinking Alone with the Moon.

Fancy for Mama is curated by our very own W.O.W. mama in the spirit of Mother’s Day. Treat your mom to our most unique pieces. This includes: an embroidered dragon pillow, gold peony dessert plate, red 万寿无疆 cup and saucer, red cinnabar mirror with jade handle, a porcelain bead bracelet and enamel fish earrings.

Calm with Calligraphy invokes a peaceful yet reflective energy equipped with a silk notebook, a set of 3 calligraphy brushes, a yellow 萬壽無疆 soy dish for ink, a bottle of ink (not pictured), a gaiwan for tea, and a squeaky dog to keep you company.