WOW x Grand Tea Imports' Seasonal Tea

Chinatown family-run businesses, Wing on Wo & Co. and Grand Tea Imports, are thrilled to be collaborating on a new premium tea line for every season of the year. The collaborative line features carefully sourced tea inspired by both families' Cantonese roots and memories of growing up in Chinatown. Join us in debuting our very first tea: Endless Summer Shoumei


Across the many varieties of white tea, Shoumei (or ‘Sau Mei’ in Cantonese) stands out as a favorite amongst generations of Chinatown residents. The tea boasts a light flavor and sweet aftertaste that inspired early immigrants to make Shoumei a mainstay in Chinatown restaurants and dim-sum menus.

Shoumei’s popularity with the young and old can also be attributed to its minimally-involved production, which forgoes the roasting and fermentation process that most teas undergo--this ensures that the tea’s natural flavor and health benefits are well-preserved.

Our “Endless Summer Shoumei” pays tribute to a restaurant classic and the palates of Chinatown’s earliest wave of immigrants. Packed with vibrant young buds that deliver notes of crisp white tea and nuances of fresh green tea, the tea will refresh spirits to help make the summer last longer.


Harvested from the lush mountains of Fujian province, Tieguanyin or Iron Goddess of Mercy was once reserved for kings but has since become a staple tea in the pantry of Chinatown households. A prized tea instantly recognized across China, Tieguanyin’s popularity in Chinatown was bolstered by the influx of Fujianese immigrants that came to America in the 1980s and 90’s.

Our Fall Harvest Tieguanyin is hand-sourced by Grand Tea Import’s Teafucius and his daughter in their tea trips across China. With fragrant and full-bodied aromas of late summer foliage hitting its peak maturity, rounded out by comforting warm, roasted hints of orchid, the tea is the perfect transition into the colder months.


Grown in high plateaus that reach the clouds or “yun” 雲in Yunnan, Dianhong Black Tea’s distinct, floral aroma is complemented by a delicate, sweet aftertaste.
Grand Tea & Imports has worked extensively with local tea farmers for over a decade to source Dianhongs full of robust flavor that can withstand nearly ten infusions. The rich flavors in a toasty cup of Cozy Dianhong Black Tea’s can be enjoyed alone or at a winter festival gathering.