LNY Abundance For Ting's


We are honoring beloved gift shop, Ting’s this Lunar New Year as they prepare to shutter their doors at the end of March. The year of the wood dragon symbolizes growth and grounding, abundance and possibility – with this collaboration with photographer Mischelle Moy, we are celebrating Ting’s history and legacy in Chinatown and honoring the matriarchal families who continue to steward storefronts as gathering spaces for our community. In more ways than one, Ting’s has been our unspoken sister shop.  Eleanor and Lillian’s late mother, Tam Ting, was always standing behind the counter beaming with her perfect perm ready to show you one of her treasures from her travels. The lovingly curated pieces from Hong Kong – cheong sams, jewelry, cantonese opera dolls, porcelain statues, and home goods – capture a moment in time in Chinatown’s history when shops like Ting’s and W.O.W. helped locals sustain a connection to their homeland through precious cultural objects and craft. 

We are thrilled to be offering Misch’s prints along with some mystery surprise bags at varying levels of fun :P featuring some of our favorite New Year-inspired pieces from Ting’s shop and pieces featured in Misch's print. We are committed to showing Eleanor the possibility of a next life for Ting’s and the potential of an online presence beyond their shop’s closure in March!! please don’t disappoint and help us show her what’s possible :) 

From Mischelle Moy: 

"Visiting Ting’s feels like walking into my childhood—there is a special curation and vision that feels frozen in time. Even though I did not grow up at the store like Eleanor and Lillian did, there is a familiarity in finding comfort in collecting precious items, displaying them, and having them take on a special meaning for others in their own homes. For these prints, I wanted to celebrate the year of the wood dragon while encapsulating this legacy and spirit of the store by incorporating many of the items that are found there."

Note: Each mystery bag includes 1 of Mischelle Moy print associated w/ the mystery bag + a collection of Ting's items. Orders will be ready in 7-10 days.