Infinite Beginnings


Infinite Beginnings is Wing on Wo's very own publication that brings a mythical narrative by writer K-Ming Chang into a breathtaking visual parable. Illustrated by Singha Hon, Infinite Beginnings presents an allegorical thangka that grounds the viewer in a mythical journey of self-inquisition paired with prompts for self-reflection. Inspired by K-Ming’s surreal world of possibility, the viewer is shown the breadth of self-survival in the world of water, fire, earth, air, and sky, and the ways we find glimmers of power and strength through moments of struggle and doubt, expansion and collapse. 

Includes a 11" x 17" poster of Singha's beautiful thangka, a zine with Kristin's mythical narrative, and 8 prompt cards for self-inquisition. 

risograph printed and with design support by Lucky Risograph