WOW x Gentle Oriental Year of the Ox Hongbao

These custom hongbaos were designed by Gabrielle Widjaja in collaboration with Wing on Wo to honor the tradition of giving and receiving red envelopes during Lunar New Year and to reinvent traditional motifs through our diasporic lens.

Majestic Ox Hongbao is inspired by the auspicious motifs of clouds and peonies, and portrays the Metal Ox in all its majesty, wishing you all a lucky Lunar New Year.

Mystical Lunar New Year Scene Hongbao is a composition of a wooden shelf displaying lucky LNY objects such as the Fu wall hanging, a basket of oranges, and the Dancing Lion head.

ABOUT GENTLE ORIENTAL: Gentle Oriental (aka Gabrielle Widjaja) is a creative in Brooklyn, NYC who explores the intersections of visual art and Asian diaspora identity through design, illustration, and tattoo.