2nd Edition Tiffany Saw Togetherness Tray


Traditionally, the togetherness tray is used to offer candies and treats as a way to open the new year full of sweet abundance. This ritual auspicious offering is grounded in the tray itself. The division of six dishes signifies good fortune for the new year, while the round shape of the vessel represents the fullness and bounty that the new year will hold.

W.O.W.’s second edition of Tiffany Saw's togetherness tray is smaller in size and boasts embossed details of peaches and bats on the tray’s inner dishes.

Tiffany Saw is a Brooklyn based ceramic artist focused on making functional pieces inspired by traditional Chinese and Burmese pottery. Her work is a hybrid of both American and Chinese throwing techniques finished with traditional carving she learned in Jingdezhen. She spends hours hand-carving each of her pieces and works to create fine and delicate detail in the flora and fauna that cover her pots.