A Journey Ahead


A Journey Ahead is a collection of personal stories from seven Chinese American older adults residing in Two Bridges, Manhattan. Each storyteller candidly details their journey to the United States, offering an intimate glimpse into their lives and a historical narrative of New York City.

Written & Translated by Chris Deng 

Designed & Illustrated by Jiami Lee 

100% of the proceeds will go back to funding social and creative programs for the older adults featured in this book and for other Chinese older adults across NYC. 

Chris/tine Deng is a bilingual, Chinese American writer and facilitator born and based in New York. Her work explores grief, collective memory, and community resilience. She enjoys celebrating the mundanity of everyday life and seeing people beyond their stories. Chris believes that anything worth living is worth writing. She is happiest when speaking Cantonese. 

Jiami Lee is an emerging Taiwanese-American artist and illustrator who draws inspiration from East-Asian folk-lore or ephemera. She often chooses simple objects in her everyday life as subjects that speak to her cultural identity and childhood nostalgia. Having spent a major amount of time traveling to Taiwan and living in Flushing with a prominent Chinese and Taiwanese community throughout her life, these places created a major influence on her art practice. She continues to work on her practice through illustration and multimedia as a way to contribute to community nurture self well being.

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