Adam Moy Chuong


Moy Chuong is a queer Teochew American artist whose work explores domestic objects as containers for identity, grief, and care. Their practice draws upon personal, familial, and cultural archives, using forms such as vessels, chairs, and altars as representations of the quotidian spaces of Asian American identity formation. Through reproduction of and disidentification with ancestral veneration, including Buddhist, Taoist, and animistic rituals, their practice seeks new meaning for trans, queer, and disabled bodies that are often denied physical and emotional shelter. These containers act as a means to locate community, find collective power in trans and queer alienation, and map out the possibilities for a freer and more unruly future.

after lan caihe

stoneware, reed, 6" x 5" x 4" (round), 6" x 4" x 5" (flared), spot clean. 

after Ian caihe (round) & (flared) $275, afte Ian caihe (faux bois) $200 

To frame Wing on Wo & Co’s ‘Power As Infinite’ Lunar New Year 2024 show, Mei asked “what powers do you have? And what powers are you growing?” The pieces the series “after lan caihe” speak to my attempt to commemorate the collective queer power to confound, transcend categorization, and slip in and out of visibility. They are inspired by the flower basket, a symbol of Lan Caihe, the patron of florists and gardeners, and the only genderqueer member of the Eight Immortals of the Taoist pantheon.

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