Blue Sculptural Gourd (Small) by Tracy Ren

The gourd, an object which has long held a deep cultural significance in China, meets Richard Brautigan's "In Watermelon Sugar", becoming something of both the faraway past and an apocalyptic future. The ceramic goods Tracy has made for Wing On Wo & Co have the potential to be used as ritual objects, to help you call in protection, guidance, and clarity of mind, to take back time, to take good care. Their hope is that the hybridity and playfulness of these objects might help you usher in some balance and levity while we learn to navigate as an integrated whole through the chaos of our present times. 

Tracy Ren is a second-generation Chinese-American artist, educator, and curator who spent their early formative years in New Jersey and New York. As a kid, they flew to China often to visit family in Hangzhou (杭州) and Beijing (北京). Since 2016, they've been living, learning, and growing back into a relationship with their ancestral culture in Oakland, California. While their creative practice is often a tool used to pull apart and examine the more melancholic aspects of being a third culture kid, the body of work presented through Wing On Wo & Co is a celebration of that hybridity.

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