Spring Cabbage Bundle

In the spirit of sharing meals with loved ones, we’ve put together the Spring Cabbage Bundle for an intimate Lunar New Year meal with fam. Toisanese and Cantonese food blogger, Lisa Lin, put together a savory saifun recipe to whip up with some of Taiwanese pantry, Yun Hai's tastiest sauces. Plate in our cabbage bowls and clink your chopsticks to a prosperous new year! 

The bundle includes a recipe card for Lisa Lin's Stir-Fried Saifun (Bean Thread Noodles) featuring art by Singha Hon, Yun Hai’s Traditional Firewood Soy Sauce (古早味手工柴燒醬油清), Nyonya Sauce (檳城百年娘惹醬), and Shallot Oil (香蔥拌醬), and a set of 4 of our cabbage bowls.

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