Camila Lim Hing


Camila Lim-Hing is a Chinese-Hispanic ceramic artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work integrates functionality, sculpture, and painting, exploring themes of identity and cultural convergence

Twin Dragon Bud Vases & Knotted Dragon Vase 

Stoneware, underglaze, glaze. 3.5”x3”x3”

$125 for each bud vase; $220 Knotted Dragon vase 

The Twin Dragon bud vases serve as a potent reminder that power lies in the delicate balance of opposites, celebrating the beauty found in the interplay of strength and duality. 

The Knotted Dragon vase, a fusion of tradition and contemporary expression, draws inspiration from a 3rd-century BCE jade pendant depicting a Knotted Dragon of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Echoed in clay are the sinuous curves of the dragon, delving into the symbolic power embedded in the visual language of knots, creating a vase that embodies resilience and protection.

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