Catalina Cheng


Catalina is a queer multidisciplinary artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. “I am a skater, small business owner, and graduate from USF Muma College of Business. When the only representation of people like you is stereotypes, that is all people will see. Every action becomes about denying or affirming their preconceived notions. It is my duty to keep creating and representing myself. I am proud to be a Colombian and Chinese American and aim to create art that captures the dichotomy and duality of these parts of myself. I started producing art when I was very young then began selling my creations in elementary school to my peers and anyone who was interested and have been doing the same ever since. I hope to continue to produce works to spread my art and love across the world.”

Not too sweet

stoneware, glaze, 4" x 4"x 4", handle gently. clean with dish soap or rubbing alcohol. 


Catalina creates objects that are heartwarming, humorous, and inspire a sense of sentimentality. They use bright colors, cartoons, and imaginary creatures to evoke a daydreamy universe that rebels against traditionally “serious” art media and the heteronormative gaze. Full of irreverent phrases and punchy one-liners, their work is at times very literal—this is GAY ART made by a GAY ARTIST. But sometimes it takes on a gentler tone, with messages of care and an apparent lovesickness and romanticism. Collectively, Catalina’s works are an emotional record of what it’s like to navigate the world as a queer, Colombian, Chinese first-generation American. Many of their pieces pull from traditional blue and white Chinese pottery, while others are emblazoned with Spanish adages from their childhood. Their hope is that their art incites the joy that they feel when creating it.