Cheyenne Yu


Cheyenne Yu is a San Francisco born, Boston based artist who recently graduated with her BFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Her work is a blend of diverse influences, deeply rooted in the power of touch and sensory experiences, while harboring a profound desire to explore and reflect on family relationships and Asian American identity.

Inner Fangs

Glazed stoneware, 5"L x 4.25"H x 8.25"W


This piece is a vessel that resonates with my tenacity. Despite its modest size, the fang-like pattern adorning the walls conveys an assertive presence—an open mouth, poised to devour and articulate. Cloud-like formations adorn the sides, symbolizing strength in softness. This serves as a homage to the clouds dragons breathe, highlighting the inherent power found in gentleness. Through this vessel, it becomes a manifestation of resilience and the evolving strength within. 

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