FBJ X WOW Soup Spoons by Singha Hon


We are thrilled to debut our custom designed soup spoons by artist Singha Hon in collaboration with Fly By Jing. Po has been a long time fan of FBJ's chili oil and it felt very fitting to create a complimentary spoon perfect for any noodle soup, dumpling, or silken tofu topped with FBJ's tasty sauces. 

Singha drew inspiration from the classic Blue and White Qing Hua pattern, creating images that come to life through movement and flow. As you lift, dip, and slurp with these porcelain spoons, playful scenes honoring the current year of the water rabbit gently wind, circle, and undulate around another.

On one spoon, two rabbits chase one another around a peach (a nod to Wing on Wo & Co) , powered by lightning bolts (symbolic of Fly by Jing). On the other, a rabbit and turtle together, symbolic of the act of partnership and balance. The turtle, acting as the base for the rabbit symbolizes wisdom, longevity, and patience, while the rabbit is energetic, forward thinking, and gregarious. Together, the grounded and steady turtle supports the rabbit's joyful energy to move forward in harmonious connection and inspiration.

ABOUT Singha Hon 

Singha Hon is an artist & illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a teaching artist at The W.O.W. Project through the Creatives Rebuild New York fellowship.