Gourd Altar Bundle

W.O.W. has curated a special Lunar New Year package to celebrate the Year of the Tiger! 

The Gourd Altar Bundle roots us in ritual and ceremony for the eve of Lunar New Year.  With candles from Gourd Friend, wish cards by WOW’s shopkeeper, Gary, and our very own gourd wine set designed by Tomie Arai, this bundle includes everything you need to dress up your altar for an eve of intention-setting. 

This bundle includes two candles a "Gourd Dream 葫芦梦" Candle and a "Little Fortune" Clementine Candle by Gourd Friend, as well as two wish cards designed by Singha Hon and new year wish poems by W.O.W.'s very own Gary Lum.  The "Little Fortune" Clementine candle scent is a nostalgic mixture of patchouli, amber, vanilla, and incense and the "Gourd Dream" 葫芦梦 Candle scent is a sweet magnolia and peony scent.

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