Porcelain Jewelry Hanger by Anna Yuh Kyung


This jewelry hanger boasts handpainted and carved details by Oakland-based artist, Anna Yuh Kyung. Inspired by traditional ceramic fish steamers, Anna reinterprets this form incorporating bold red motifs and gold luster knobs for rings and necklaces as well as peg holes perfect for hanging earrings. Comes with a rosewood stand.


Our second artist line collection ‘Infinite Beginnings’ centers on the theme of protection and transformation, exploring the ways in which decorative objects can act as armor — balancing softness and strength in how Asian femmes move through our everyday. Inspired by Chinese creation mythologies, our collection is grounded in this idea of repetition and ritual in one’s journey of finding their own power and strength.

For Anna's first collaboration with Wing on Wo, She has created a jewelry hanger adorned with symbols of protection and resilience - a peony embodying gentle strength, a gourd for protection, and bamboo as a reminder of collective power and energy. This jewelry hanger acts as a home to charge these precious objects with the energy we need to move through our everyday. 

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