Jialin Wang


Jialin (Tiffany) Wang is a Chinese artist currently living in Boston, US. She earned her bachelor in sculpture-ceramics at University of Connecticut and continued as a multimedia artist at MassArt. Jialin uses her works to express emotional notions of home, and what it's like, as a foreigner, to always be looking for it.

Deep Spring 春深 , Peony 牡丹: Embracing the essence of nature is integral to my artistic expression. It serves as a connection to my roots, and incorporating elements from my culture into ceramics brings a profound sense of home. Deliberately choosing traditional Chinese flowers that symbolized strength and power such as peonies and Hemerocallis, along with the mysterious and powerful dragon representing the 2024 zodiac sign, adds depth to my creations. The title "春深" holds layered meanings, echoing the vibrancy of spring mirrored in the chosen glaze colors. This deep spring, a season of immense power, mirrors the transformative journey of growth emerging from winter's dormancy.

Deep Spring Porcelain, medium fire glaze, premium gold, Peony Porcelain, medium fire glaze. Hand wash with soft cloth. Do not put in microwave, oven or dishwasher if the piece has gold on it. Do not leave acidic food in ceramic pieces for long time period.

Deep Spring porcelain $70 & $65; Small Peony Plates $30; 

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