Ling Chun


Ling Chun is a multimedia artist from Hong Kong. Her work represents the coexistence of multicultural identities within a single society. Chun’s practice focuses on creating artifacts which speak about history with a contemporary sensibility. In her execution

and conceptualization of creative projects, Chun brings together her knowledge of Chinese culture and her contemporary artistic vision. Chun aspires to create public artifacts to bring relevance to historical storytelling in her future artistic pursuits. Chun is the recipient of numerous awards including the ArtBridge Fellowship 2020 sponsored by Chihuly Garden and Glass and the national ceramic award such as NCECA emerging artist 2020. In 2019, Chun was shortlisted for the Young Master Art Prize in London and recently she was shortlisted for the 2021 Korea International Ceramics Biennale. Chun is currently based in Seattle.

Duo Dragons jar with five bats stand
*The stand can be used either from both ends, there no top or bottom. 

$450 for both pieces  

This year's theme revolves around the Year of the Dragon, emphasizing the concept of "POWER." My inspiration struck upon encountering the exquisite Hong Kong Porcelain during a recent visit, marking my return after a five-year absence. For me, power manifests in the preservation of the beloved culture. This piece serves as a deliberate effort to draw attention to the intricate symbolism: dragons, peony and bats — symbolizing power, luck, and fortune.