Lu Zhang


Lu Zhang is a New York based artist born in Xi’an, China. She creates intimate experiences that reenact memories and dream states, and investigates the transference of existing knowledge and cognitive experiences to tell stories in the form of installations incorporating ceramics and video. She also works collaboratively in performances that engage the public in explorations about the relativity and ambiguity of relationships. Lu received her MFA in Fine Arts and MS in Art History from Pratt Institute and holds a BA degree in Economics from Xi’an JiaoTong University. Lu has exhibited and given artist talks, lectures and public programs nationally and internationally.

Wait, Till One Sees the Moonlight Come Through the Dark Cloud porcelain 

two parts includes bottom and a lid, 5x5x5in, 2 variations 

$300 for each incense burner 

The series of sculptural ceramic incense burners made by Lu Zhang is titled by the Chinese idiom 守得云开见月明, translated as “Wait, Till One Sees the Moonlight Come Through the Dark Cloud”. This series, inspired by a traditional ancient Chinese Han dynasty incense burner form, depicts an image of a dragon going through a clouded mountain, eventually through a cloud of incense smoke, to encounter the moon. It was sculpted with gas-fired stoneware and porcelain, with layered glazes for an abstract depiction of a mountain intertwined cloud landscape. This title is commonly used to describe the experience of going through a challenging or difficult period and finally seeing a positive turn, leading to a hopeful and bright future. The idiom conveys the significance of perseverance, patience, and waiting as power — suggesting that as long as one persists and endures, they will eventually encounter a beautiful moment.