Luc Hammond Thomas


Luc Toshiro Hammond-Thomas (b. New York, NY) is a ceramic artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He currently works as the ceramic manager at Tom Sachs studio and is part of the faculty at Greenwich House Pottery and BKLYN Clay. He holds a BFA in fine arts from Alfred University

Luc's practice is deeply rooted in traditional pottery techniques, with an uncontrollable urge to use those techniques untraditionally. I create objects with an implied function, but tend to be more symbolic of use.

Baby Dragon Jars 

Ceramic, glaze. Food safe. 5h”x5.5w”x5.5” 

$172 for each jar 

Pink Mugs, Black Mugs

Ceramic, glaze. Food safe. 3.25h”x3.75w”x5d”

$74 for each mug

These jars started off as grounded traditional lidded jars. By adding the feet and appendages, I noticed how it transformed these low stocky jars into something more animated, giving it height and stature. Symbolic of a more powerful and animalistic object. Through this process they started to channel dragon-like qualities, both visually and symbolically. I was greatly inspired by Jun ware incense burners