Pearl Reverie: A Chinatown-Themed Coloring Book by MeiLi Carling

Pearl Reverie is a coloring book that pays homage to familiar objects found in Chinatown stores. For those who grew up with them, these items are more than just trinkets, home decor, and snacks; they are meaningful reminders of cultural roots, and a celebration of Asian-American heritage. Suited to coloring enthusiasts of all ages, Pearl Reverie offers a nostalgic look at the beauty, comfort, and belonging associated with Chinatown and its wares.

MeiLi Carling is a Philadelphia-based designer, illustrator, and musician. Their background in numerous creative and educational fields informs their interdisciplinary approach to art and design. MeiLi's interests include accessible design, food illustration, LGBTQIA-affirming projects, and designing from a multicultural perspective. In the past, they've worked as a music, art, and dance teacher, a sex educator, and an event producer at live music venues. They can often be found at the Asian grocery store.