Tiffany Saw Year of the Dragon Tumbler


We are thrilled to present our year of the dragon collaboration with artist Tiffany Saw. To usher in the strength and power of the year of the wood dragon, Tiffany drew inspiration from mystical dragons featured in Burmese legends. Known as Naga, these dragon-like serpent creatures possess extraordinary powers, allowing them to glide through the earth and soar through the skies. Often referred to as a symbol depicted on a Burmese cannon captured as a war trophy during the Anglo-Burmese War, Tiffany reclaims this powerful symbol through breathtaking hand-carved details bringing this mystical dragon back to embody its powers through everyday ritual. We are taken by the softness of the tumbler’s texture, hopefully encapsulating the transformation and metamorphosis the year of the Dragon will embody for us all. Creative direction by Nate Brown.

Tiffany Saw is a Brooklyn based ceramic artist focused on making functional pieces inspired by traditional Chinese and Burmese pottery. Her work is a hybrid of both American and Chinese throwing techniques finished with traditional carving she learned in Jingdezhen. She spends hours hand-carving each of her pieces and works to create fine and delicate detail in the flora and fauna that cover her pots.