Protective Talisman by Heidi Lau


These protective talisman are designed by the Artist Line creative team, Vivian Sangsukwirasathien and Mei Lum, featuring Heidi's handmade porcelain pieces that are each unique. The talisman comes in 2 colors with a turquoise silk cord and black silk cord with each design featuring vintage silver charms and beads.  If you'd like to have a choice of style, we will only be doing this in-store. Orders online will receive a unique piece. 


Our second artist line collection ‘Infinite Beginnings’ centers on the theme of protection and transformation, exploring the ways in which decorative objects can act as armor — balancing softness and strength in how Asian femmes move through our everyday. Inspired by Chinese creation mythologies, our collection is grounded in this idea of repetition and ritual in one’s journey of finding their own power and strength.

For Heidi's first collaboration with Wing on Wo, Heidi crystallizes the symbols and ideas from her larger body of work to envision a world with no hierarchy, and with irresolvable entanglement with the past.

These wearable sculptures not only foreground the body but also restrain, generate and embellish us within our environment, thus blurring the boundaries between human and objecthood.

Note: All sales are final. 

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