Writing Practice: 爱 by Victoria Xu

Writing Practice: 爱 follows recollections on love through the repeated routine of calligraphy practice. The zine is structured into three short lessons, inviting you, the reader, into my memory learning to write 爱, love. The lost pixels of a picture create the shape of 爱, love, to be traced. As you go through each lesson, memories and questions about love layer with each traced stroke. Each writing practice in which we remember 爱, offers a possibility to re-member how love has been taught, misunderstood, and given anew.

Victoria Xu is an anti-disciplinary artist and researcher based in Providence, RI. Fostering a practice with cornerstones in film, computer science, and painting, they endeavor to create relations of resistance and care through the making process of any project. They’re driven to rethink the ways our current tools, stories, and webs can shape our communities, collective memories, and future dreams.

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