Cycles of Return

“CYCLES OF RETURN” is an exploration of migration, memory, and home. We ask: what does it mean to make home through the constant work of return? The show’s undulating forms by Vivian Chu and Jing Huang mirror the diasporic journey and inquiry into what the active process of lineage and inheritance means: What are the parts that can be sustained and protected? What parts do we give ourselves agency to reinterpret? 

Through parallel approaches, Vivian Chiu and Jing Huang’s works traverse a winding temporal landscape, reconstructing the ephemerality of memory into succinct notes of reflection and expansion. Utilizing labor and remembrance as a practice to connect to the past, Chiu and Huang, respectively, explore what it means to unpack the multiplicities of legacy in a tangible, material form.

Curated by Nathaniel Brown, Mei Lum, Vivian Sangsukwirasathien, and window installation art direction support by Mischelle Moy.